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  1. Why can't I print any of my tables in TNM Version 1.1?

    (Applies to TNM version 1.1 only)
    Some users are experiencing problems printing tables in TNM Version 1.1. It is currently unknown why only some users are experiencing this. As a workaround, the tables may be copied/pasted or exported to a spreadsheet program, such as Excel, and printed from there. This has been corrected in TNM Version 2.0 and later versions.

  2. What does "invalid" mean in my results tables?

    TNM will show "invalid" for those receivers it skipped during calculations due to computation errors. TNM skips these receivers rather than interrupt calculations. To recalculate a skipped receiver, try moving its coordinates slightly, then recalculate. If you have a berm in your run, ensure that the berm slopes do not overlap any receivers. *Note that TNM Version 2.1 resolved many cases in which TNM was improperly giving "invalid" results.

  3. When I print the results tables, why don't I see results for the active barrier design?

    (Applies to TNM versions 1.1, 2.0, 2.1, and 2.5)
    When using the Tables, Print Tables dialog box, all of the results tables are only printed for the INPUT HEIGHTS case, not the currently active barrier design. If you would like printouts related to the active barrier design, use File, Print for each separate table, when it is the active window.

  4. Why can't I open my Sound Level Results tables?

    The Sound Level Results tables are only available if TNM has any computed results. If some of the receivers finished calculations, but the Sound Level Results table is grayed out, you can recover those already calculated receivers. Restart TNM. Re-open the run. In the Calculate menu, select Sound Levels. When TNM is finished with Input Check and starts calculations, select the Cancel button. The Sound Level Results table in the Tables menu should now be selectable.

  5. What does "inactive" mean in my results tables?

    TNM will show "inactive" for those receivers it skipped during calculations because they have been inactivated in the Receiver Input dialog in the Notes tab. To re-activate a receiver, go to the Receiver Input dialog, Notes tab and click on the checkbox for that receiver in the Active column.

  6. What does "no calc" mean in my results tables?

    TNM will show "no calc" for those receivers it did not get to compute because the user cancelled calculations.

  7. Why doesn't my exported table data include the header information?

    The export function only exports table data. To copy the header information, hold down the left mouse button and drag the mouse over the gray buttons to the left of the table to highlight the header rows. Then use CTRL+C and CTRL+V to copy/paste the rows, respectively.

Updated: 7/15/2011
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