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Federal Highway Administration's Traffic Noise Model (FHWA TNM®), User's Guide (Version 2.5 Addendum)

3. Certified Output for the Official TNM Test Case

This section contains the certified output computed for the official TNM test case using Version 2.5. TNM 2.5 is the first version of the software, since the original release, with major improvements to the acoustics. Users should expect to see predicted sound levels that are different than sound levels predicted with previous versions of TNM. Appendix E in the TNM 1.0 User's Guide displays the sound level results computed using TNM Version 1.0 for the official TNM test case. The sound level results computed using the current version are shown in Figure 32 on the next page.

This sound level results table for the TNM test case (provided with the model) shows receiver name, sound levels, type of impact, and noise reduction.
Figure 32. Updated Sound Level Results table for the official TNM test case.

Updated: 7/15/2011
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