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2006 State Trail Administrators Meeting

ATV Training

Updated: 10/17/06

State Training Status
Hawaii No Considering
Idaho No In process of developing
Iowa Yes New, similar to Michigan
Minnesota Yes Self-study CD and observed field proficiency
Nevada No In process of developing
South Dakota Yes Videos
Virginia Yes New, by VA Dept. of Game & Inland Fisheries National training program (?) adapted for VA


It just so happens that Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation is developing its Workplace Safety program and, of course I have been tasked with the development of the OHV section. I would really like to look at what other states are doing when you have something available to distribute.

Rich Gummersall
OHV Education Coordinator
Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation
208.334.4180 ext 286


The State of Iowa (DNR) has just started our own training program for our officers. This program has both safety and enforcement aspects.

Our program is similar to the ATV training school in Michigan.

We also have ATV policy that covers our officer's use of ATVs in the performance on their duties.

David Downing
Snowmobile and ATV Program Manager
IDNR Law Enforcement Bureau


2-3 hour self-study CD "DNR Employee ATV Training" followed by a "Field Riding Performance Evaluation" portion with an instructor and completion of an operator proficiency of one or more ATVs/ORV through a designated driving course.

Eric L. Goslovich, OHST
Safety and Health Officer
Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Management Resources


Nevada does not currently have an OHV training program for employees. Some employees, such as myself, have passed the USFS standard OHV riding program, but it's not mandatory. The safety committee is currently working on an OHV training program for Nevada State Parks employees, but until then it's not required. If other State's could share their requirements and ideas for OHV training, that would be terrific.

Cheryl Surface
Recreational Trails Program Manager
Nevada State Parks
901 S. Stewart St. Suite 5005
Carson City, NV 89701
775-684-2788/Fax: 775-684-2777


South Dakota requires its staff (mainly park managers and conservation technicians) to watch an ATV safety video. I believe it is one that was produced a number of years ago by Honda, entitled, "Ride Smart from the Start" or something similar to this. We truly have very few staff operating traditional ATVs, but instead utility ATVs like Gators and Mules. They are required to watch a similar videotape for those types of vehicles as well.

Scott Carbonneau


The Virginia State Park system will be undergoing ATV training next month. This is the first time they will be engaging in the training. The training program is being provided to the Virginia State Park employees by staff of the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (VDGIF). VDGIF staff attended a national training program and then brought back the program and adapted it for their uses in training Game Wardens. It is my understanding that the contact for their training is a man named Jeff Pease. ( telephone 276-706-0821 or 434-525-7522).

Synthia Waymack
Department of Conservation and Recreation
203 Governor Street, Suite 326
Richmond, Virginia 23219
804-786-4379/Fax: 804-371-7899

Updated: 10/20/2015
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