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2007 State Trail Administrators Meeting

Meeting Notes

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Welcome by
Cheryl Surface of Nevada State Parks
Jean Lacher of California State Parks

Dave Morrow from Nevada State Parks welcomed everyone to the Lake Tahoe area. He emphasized "nature deficit disorder." The National Association of State Park Directors and the National Park Service (NPS) have signed an agreement to work together to encourage more families to enjoy outdoor activities.

Patty Keating from California State Parks welcomed everyone. Since 1965 the State of California has administered over $3 billion in grants for outdoor recreation and open space. Voters have continued to support more parks through bond issues. A new bond (Prop 84) will provide over $500 million to local parks.

Introductions / Show and Tell

All attendees introduced themselves. Some had new projects to share with the group.

Show and Tell

Bob Richards (TN) has new publication "Pathways to Trail Building." Will also be available on website. Copies available from or (615) 532-0753.

Andrew Korsberg (MN) new book on trail design available: "Trail Planning, Design, and Development Guidelines." Available from or (651) 297-3000.

Paul Wistrand (FHWA AK) has a new checklist for environmental issues. The Adobe Acrobat version includes check boxes and pull down menus to help applicants fill it out online. Note: Please see State Practices for this and other useful tools.

David Bartoo (DE) mentioned that the trails which were built at White Clay State Park during the 2005 STAM are very popular. People come from a two hour radius to ride the trails. There have been some crashes in the park over the last couple of years.

Mary Fitch (OH) invites everyone to Chicago to the MidAmerica Trails and Greenways (MATAG) conference in December. Eight States sponsor the regional trails conference.

Alex Weiss (FL) putting together an RTP website with interactive GPS connected to Trail Explorer website. Funding first county-sponsored OHV area.

Bryan Alexander (GA) told us that more people know about the RTP program but there is a lack of applicants for motorized funds. Georgia is doing large mailings to promote the program; 65 people attended the last RTP workshop.

Cheryl Surface (NV) discussed a wide variety of trail projects. The State purchased SWECO Traildozer for project sponsors to use and expects to purchase another. Projects are scored statewide and funded in order of scores until the money runs out.

Attending by telephone:
Bill Haas (CO FHWA)
Cheryl Malin and Pat Farr (NY FHWA)

There were other participants in the show-and-tell for which we do not have notes. Please feel free to contribute by contacting

Plenary Session: Federal-aid Highway Program Reauthorization

Federal-aid Highway Program Reauthorization: Summary, Explanation, and Comments from Trails and Enhancements Related Conferences
Session Handouts: State Trail Administrators Meeting

September 18, 2007

Federal Highways is seeking Recommendations for Federal-aid Highway Program Reauthorization.

Do you have recommendations for:

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