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2010 State Trail Administrators Meeting


Chattanooga Marriott Hotel at the Convention Center
Chattanooga, TN

DRAFT Agenda

Friday, November 12, 2010

Meet in the Marriott Hotel Lobby
Pre-Training Evening Mobile Workshop
Take the electric shuttle to the Chattanooga Riverfront / Ross’s Landing / Trail of Tears National Historic Trail - Walk along Riverside Drive (conversion from 4 lane to 2 lane with parking) take the accessible ramp access to the Hunter Museum, cross over Riverside Drive on the Glass Bridge and walk across the Tennessee River on the Walnut St. Bridge (conversion from vehicular to BikePed traffic). If time permits, walk across the Tennessee River to look at Renaissance Park (former brownfield conversion to a park area with kayak/canoe access). Dinner on your own and then back to the Hotel.


Saturday, November 13, 2010

STAM Registration/Continental breakfast
Welcome, Overview of Agenda and Workshop, Stuart Macdonald, National Association of State Trail Administrators (NASTA); Christopher Douwes, Federal Highway Administration (FHWA)
Introductions / Show and Tell
States will each have up to 2-3 minutes to introduce themselves and their State program.
Discussion: Federal-aid Highway Program Authorization, Christopher Douwes, FHWA; Terry Durby, Iowa Snowmobile Association and American Trails (Nonprofit Trail Organization viewpoint)
LUNCH (Provided)
Mobile Workshops (Registration Required)

Option 1:
Lookout Mountain - Point Park, TN

History, Federal Lands, Interagency Cooperation, RTP funded trail projects. Best Management Practice. Technical design challenges. and
Cloudland Canyon State Park, GA
Includes RTP funded trails. Will discuss technical design challenges with building trail on the side of a mountain. Best practices discussion.

Option 2:
Raccoon Mountain, TN

This project is part of the 2010 Initiative which started in 2004 and the goal was to create 100 miles of trail within 10 miles of Chattanooga. Mostly mountain bike trail on Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) lands. Southern Off-Road Bicycle Association (SORBA) to discuss project challenges, successes; administrative and technical. Although this project was not funded by the RTP, it provides good examples of partnerships and effective project administration.
Dinner on Your Own
Presentations Exhibit: Optional
States to exhibit local projects and partnerships.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Continental breakfast
State Presentations and STAM 2011 Suggestions
- Introducing the Alabama Trails Commission, Rob Grant (AL)
- Introducing the Michigan Snowmobile and Trails Advisory Council, Jim Radabaugh (MI)
- Discussion: Where will we host STAM in 2011?
Training Update, Stuart Macdonald, Kim Frederick
State examples: Education / Use of Education Funds / Training
Livability Initiatives, Christopher Douwes (FHWA) and Beth Shumate (MT)
Topics include: Developing local, regional, and Statewide livability coalition groups in Montana.
General Discussion / Q&A / Stump the Fed
Topics include: Update on Accessibility Guidelines, others TBD.
LUNCH (Provided)
Discussion Topic: Plenary Session, Jean Lacher / Jody Waites
Performance Measures / Reporting, Quantifying Success
Breakout Sessions:

1. Administrative Best Practices / Closing Out Projects, facilitated by Bryan Alexander (GA) and other (tbd)
Interacting with FHWA Division Offices, Maximizing Resources, Time Saving Tips, Electronic Administration, Customer Service (level of satisfaction, measuring performance, feedback mechanisms), Administering the grant program under tight budgets and minimal staff, Streamlining RTP projects (categorical exclusions), Measuring time from project award to completion.

2. Working with Others, facilitated by Stuart Macdonald (NASTA) and Sherry Winnie (VT)
Interacting with nonprofits and other programs. Working with bureaucracy and establishing Effective Partnerships.
Report Back / Wrap-up
Short summaries from breakout sessions to share with full group. Last minute questions.

National Trails Symposium Events

6:30 - 8:30
Sunday Evening – National Trails Symposium – OPENING RECEPTION
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