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2010 State Trail Administrators Meeting


Everyone must register for the Mobile Workshops to ensure that there is enough space.
To make a selection or to make changes to your registration, please contact

State Name

Total: 44
Mobile Workshop Registration
Option 1

Lookout Mountain

Option 2

Raccoon Mountain

Alabama Rob Grant - RM
Alabama Jody Waites - RM
Alaska William Luck LM -
Alaska Steve Neel LM -
Alaska (FHWA) Paul Wistrand LM -
California Jean Lacher LM -
Colorado Nancy Matchett LM -
Colorado (speaker) Kim Frederick - RM
Connecticut Laurie Giannotti LM -
Delaware Susan Moerschel LM -
Delaware David Bartoo - RM
Delaware (speaker) Bob Gaston - RM
Delaware (FHWA) Nick Blendy na na
Georgia Bryan Alexander LM -
Georgia Antoinette Norfleet LM -
Hawaii Aaron Lowe LM -
Hawaii Torrie Nohara LM -
Indiana Dale Brier - RM
Iowa Yvonne Diller - RM
Kansas Kathy Pritchett - RM
Kentucky Jodie McDonald LM -
Maine Mick Rogers LM -
Michigan Jim Radabaugh LM -
Minnesota Andrew Korsberg LM -
Mississippi Jean Caraway - RM
Montana (FHWA) Beth Shumate - RM
New Mexico David Certain - RM
North Dakota Jessica Riepl - RM
Oklahoma Susan Henry - RM
Pennsylvania Vanyla Tierney LM -
Pennsylvania Diane Kripas - RM
South Carolina Ronda A. Pratt - RM
South Dakota Randy Kittle LM -
Tennessee Bob Richards - RM
Texas Trey Cooksey LM -
Vermont Sherry Winnie -; RM
West Virginia Bill Robinson - RM
Wisconsin Tim Parsons - RM
Wisconsin Brigit E. Brown LM -
Wyoming Tracy Williams na na
American Trails Stuart Macdonald - RM
FHWA HQ Christopher Douwes LM -
FHWA HQ Gary Jensen
Sunday only
na na
FHWA HQ Jonathan LeClere LM -
Updated: 2/12/2014
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