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State Recreational Trail Advisory Committee Expenses

On December 13, 2005 a question was presented in the RTP News to1 all States concerning eligible expenses that a State Recreational Trail Advisory Committee members may incur while executing assigned duties. A summary of the responses is presented below.

See for eligible administrative costs (scroll down to "State Administrative Costs").

Question: What expenses does your State cover for its State Recreational Trail Advisory Committee members? For example, does your State cover:

State Recreational Trail Advisory Committee Expenses

State Travel Training expenses

(mail, phone calls, etc.)

Committee Meetings Trail training Conferences In State Conferences Out of State      
California California only reimburses travel expenses to the annual meeting.      
Delaware Delaware would reimburse for travel costs to and from Advisory Committee meetings.       We'll consider training costs for certain circumstances.   We have yet to budget to Advisory Committee out-of-state travel or training.
Georgia Yes, pays travel and meals   Yes, pays mileage, lodging and meals for regional training.        
Indiana             Indiana has not used any RTP funds to pay expenses for our Trails Advisory Board or its members.
Maine Maine only reimburses TAC members for travel to/from TAC meetings. We have thought about providing some funding to TAC members to attend trails related conferences / workshops, but that may be a couple of years down the road.      
Minnesota We reimburse mileage but there is a never a need for lodging. No need so far. Didn't know this was eligible. Didn't know this was eligible. The need to reimburse training expenses has not occurred yet. Our advisory board is a non-profit, hence they have fees to their members which cover these kinds of costs.  
Missouri Yes to mileage, meals, lodging.       I have offered to pay 80% of the cost to attend trail conferences so they can stay current on trail design and construction, but as of yet no one has taken me up on the offer. We would reimburse for communications with constituents, but we have not done so because there have been no requests so far.  

Yes to mileage, meals, and lodging at State rates.

      Registration costs only for training / conferences; i.e., State Trails Conference, National Trails Symposium, etc. We do not cover costs between STAC members and their constituencies.  
New Mexico We cover per diem and mileage for meetings. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. No.  
Oklahoma We do not cover travel to the general meetings, however we have had a meeting at a State Park and we did pay for mileage. We also had a trails conference and paid for lodging, per diem, etc.     We would like to send Board members to training in the future.    
South Dakota SD reimburses committee members for travel to and from committee meetings at the state rate for personal vehicle use and meals. We schedule the meetings so that no overnight lodging is required.            
Tennessee Tennessee reimburses travel expenses (mileage) and pays for meals during one day meetings. We have quarterly meetings with one meeting (fall or winter) being a 2 day retreat where meals and lodging for the Council are paid for with RTP administrative dollars.      
West Virginia WV pays for lodging, meals and mileage for the meeting.           We have never tried, or had a request for any of the other things.
Updated: 1/31/2017
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