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State Policies for RTP Projects on Leased Land

STATE Minimum Lease Reimbursable Cost State manages ATV areas/trails Life Expectancy of Facility Nonprofits allowed to apply Comments
Alabama Uses LWCF guidelines No No 20 yrs. No Suggest we create a depreciation schedule for facilities
District of Columbia No leases allowed No No areas in D.C. Federal guidelines No Allows nonprofits to make suggestions
Georgia No projects, but follow 25 yr. Yes, federally No NA No  
Indiana 25 yr. min, 50 yr. more points Yes Yes 25 yrs. Yes Snowmobile leases are not eligible
Iowa 20 yrs. Yes Owns them, but does not operate 20 yrs. Yes, but requires Public Sponsor Motorized Registration Fund supplements funding
Maine 5 yrs., ask for 10 Issue hasn't come up No Minimum 5 yrs. Yes  
Minnesota 10 yrs. Yes Yes, lease one yr. or more No less than 20 yrs. No  
Missouri No minimum - see comments Yes Yes, no lease agreements 25 yrs. Yes Most projects don't deal with leased land
Nebraska 25 yrs. - nonmotorized, 10 yrs. - motorized Yes No No less than 10 yrs. No  
Utah 25 yrs. Yes Yes 15-25 yrs. for structures No  
Washington 25 yrs. No, State policy Yes, 25 yr. lease 25 yrs. Yes on Public lands, maintenance only  
Wisconsin 25 yrs. Yes Yes, same lease Dependent on facility Yes, must be incorporated & focused on trails Have other funds that fund them at 100%
Updated: 2/12/2014
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