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2013 Recreational Trails Program Annual Report

U.S. Department of Transportation

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U.S. Department of Transportation
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Contract Number DTFH61-12-C-00029.

Publication No. FHWA-HEP-14-025

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A report on the use and benefits of Federal Recreational Trails Program funds across the United States.

Photo collage of trail activities. Four photos: Top left; two bicyclists on a paved trail adjacent to railroad tracks (rail-trail), top-right: Hikers on a rocky mountainous trail, bottom-left: trail-signage (sweetser switch trail), bottom-right: trail-bridge building project.
Covers the period of Federal FY 1993-FY 2012

Over the 20 years of its existence, the Recreational Trails Program (RTP) is responsible for creating and improving over 17,000 trail-related projects nationwide, including urban greenways, nature centers, and horse, hiking, mountain bike, and motorized trails, as well as snow and water routes.


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A review of RTP-funded projects reveals many benefits across the country, including:

  • Economic stimulus,
  • Youth employment,
  • Accessibility improvements,
  • Safe and livable communities,
  • Health and fitness,
  • Habitat conservation, and
  • Active transportation.

This report covers the period of Federal FY 1993-FY 2012.

Table of contents

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