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Soil Stabilizers On Universally Accessible Trails

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Special thanks to the following:

Region 1: Steve Monlux, Geotechnical Engineer (Retired)
Region 3: Coconino National Forest:
  Steve Barth, Engineer
  Jennifer Burns, Sedona R.D. Landscape Architect (Transferred to National Park Service)
Region 6: Pete Bolander, Pavements Engineer
  Chuck Frayer, Accessibility Coordinator
  Winema National Forest:
  Ray "Frosty" Frost, Forest Recreation Specialist (Retired)
  Christina Lilienthal, Forest Landscape Architect
  Sydney Vidricksen, Seasonal Architecture Technician
  Jessie Berner, Chiloquin R.D. Recreation Planner
Region 8: Heber Williams, Landscape Architect
  Ocala National Forest:
  Bret Bush, Lake George R.D. Staff Recreation Program Manager
  Dennis Enix, Salt Springs Recreation Technician
  Tody Tetlow, Salt Springs Recreation Technician

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Table of Contents
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Updated: 4/14/2014
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