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Trail Construction and Maintenance Notebook

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Please see the updated 2007 Edition.

Table of Contents


The authors are grateful to the trails experts who provided ideas and material for this notebook. These include many who contributed content, as well as those who previously published trail books or reports, many of which are referenced. In addition, we appreciate the assistance of the following people who took the time to review the draft manuscript, provided substantial content, prepared illustrations, or helped with layout or editing.

Pete Bolander Pacific Northwest Region
Dolly B. Chapman Tahoe National Forest
David Clark Wallowa-Whitman National Forest
Don Clymer Allegheny National Forest
Tom Crimmins Pacific Southwest Region
Larry Evans Stanislaus National Forest
Gary Hoshide Missoula Technology & Development Center
Sung Kokko Missoula Technology & Development Center
Bert Lindler Missoula Technology & Development Center
Sara Lustgraaf Missoula Technology & Development Center
Melinda McWilliams National Forests of North Carolina
David Michael Coconino National Forest
Steve Monlux Northern Region
David Neeley Intermountain Region
Rolando Ortegon Eastern Region
Doug Pewitt Tahoe National Forest
Larry Phillips Southern Region
Gary Reynolds Manti-La Sal National Forest
Dixon Sherman Chugach National Forest
MaryAlice Stoner Nez Perce National Forest
Greg Watkins Pacific Southwest Region
Charles Yriarte Pacific Southwest Region

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