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Equestrian Design Guidebook for Trails, Trailheads and Campgrounds

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Appendix A--Acronyms

AASHTO--American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials

ABA--Architectural Barriers Act

ABAAS--Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Standard

ADA--Americans with Disabilities Act

ADA/ABAAG--Americans with Disabilities Act/Architectural Barriers Act Accessibility Guidelines

AHC--American Horse Council

ASTM--American Society for Testing and Materials

ATV--All-terrain vehicle

BMP--Best management practices

BOR--Bureau of Reclamation

CCA--Chromated copper arsenate

CCS--Cellular confinement systems (geotextiles)

DOD--Department of Defense

DOJ--Department of Justice

DOT--Department of Transportation

ESA--Endangered Species Act

FEMA--Federal Emergency Management Agency

FHWA--Federal Highway Administration

FICMNEW--Federal Interagency Committee for the Management of Noxious and Exotic Weeds

FSH--Forest Service Handbook

FSM--Forest Service Manual

FSORAG--Forest Service Outdoor Recreation Accessibility Guidelines

FSTAG--Forest Service Trail Accessibility Guidelines

GIS--Geographic information system

GPS--Global positioning system

GSA--General Services Administration

HUD--Department of Housing and Urban Development

IBC--International Building Code

ICC--International Code Council

IMBA--International Mountain Bicycling Association

ISA--International Symbol of Accessibility

MTDC--Missoula Technology and Development Center

MUTCD--Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices

NEPA--National Environmental Policy Act

NHPA--National Historic Preservation Act

NTTP--National Trails Training Partnership

O & M--Operations and maintenance

OHV--Off-highway vehicle

ORAR--Outdoor recreation access route

PBIC--Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center

ROS--Recreation Opportunity Spectrum


SCA--Student Conservation Association

SMS--Scenery Management System

SDTDC--San Dimas Technology and Development Center

TCD--Traffic control device

UFAS--Uniform Federal Accessibility Standards

USCS--Unified Soil Classification System

USDA--United States Department of Agriculture

USDI--United States Department of the Interior

USPS--United States Postal Service

VRM--Visual Resource Management

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Updated: 4/14/2014
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