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Signposts for Snow Trails

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There are many snow trail managers throughout the country that contributed to this report, for which I am grateful. I especially would like to thank the employees of the Deschutes and Gallatin National Forests who invited me on their field reviews and demonstrations.

For their detailed comments and review, I would like to thank:

Dick Dufourd, Deschutes National Forest
Kirk Metzger, Deschutes National Forest
Ron Naber, Gallatin National Forest
Chris Sabo, Deschutes National Forest
Donna Sheehy, Northern Region Engineering
Gary Weigel, Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit

My thanks to the following MTDC employees who participated in this project:

Bob Beckley
Michelle Beneitone
Gary Hoshide
Mike Huey
Dick Karsky
Bert Lindler
Sara Lustgraaf

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Updated: 4/14/2014
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