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Off-Highway Vehicle Trail and Road Grading Equipment

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The authors wish to thank the following for their contributions to this project:

  1. Oliver Buckles...South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
    Steve Dix...Francis Marion National Forest
    Steve Doane...LOBOS Motorcycle Club
    Dick Dufourd...Deschutes National Forest
    Cheron Ferland...Francis Marion National Forest
    Ken Furlotte...The Shop Industrial
    Marvin Grant...Family Riders Motorcycle Club
    Mike Heino...The Shop Industrial
    Brian Hutchins...Michigan Department of Natural Resources
    Kim Larsen...Deschutes National Forest
    Mel Lill...Cycle Conservation Club of Michigan
    Cam Lockwood...Angeles National Forest
    Ralph Rawlinson...Dixie National Forest
    Jim Schmid...South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
    Glen Stapleton...Francis Marion National Forest
    Billy Toman...LOBOS Motorcycle Club

MTDC Staff: Bob Beckley, Michelle Beneitone, John Dillon, Dave Gasvoda, Dick Karsky, Bert Lindler, Sara Lustgraaf, Debbie Mucci, and Andy Trent.

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Table of Contents

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Updated: 4/14/2014
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