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RTP and TE Update - September 2005

September 6

Action Items

  1. Revised FY 2005 RTP Apportionments
  2. State Trail Administrators Meeting: Hotel Registrations and Meeting Registrations Needed
  3. SAFETEA-LU Sec 6003: State Assumption of Responsibilities: Is anybody interested?
  4. FY 2006 Apportionment Information nearly complete

    The revised FY 2005 RTP apportionments are available at For future reference (and for other Federal-aid highway program categories), the Notices will be posted at:

  2. STATE TRAIL ADMINISTRATORS MEETING 2005: September 20-22, 2005, Newark DE
    Friday (Sept 9) was our final cutoff to count mouths and seats needed for food and transportation. Please make sure you have registered at

    -----Original Message-----
    From: Moerschel Susan (DNREC)
    Subject: Delaware State Parks

    Hi folks .... For those of you who have registered for the State Trail Administrators Meeting in September as participants or speakers: If anyone plans to spend time visiting Delaware sites before or after the meeting, I can arrange for complimentary State Park entrance and boating passes. Please email me only if you would like passes; let me know where you are staying. Of course, all of our State Parks are great places to visit in September! If you have any questions about what to see or visit, contact me or David Bartoo.

    Susan Moerschel, Manager, Park Resource Office
    Division of Parks & Recreation, DNREC
    89 Kings Highway
    Dover, DE 19901
    302.739.9235; 302.739.3817 Fax

    If you plan to attend, YOU MUST REGISTER AT If you have dietary restrictions or need special accommodation for transport, please use the Comments section. Also, please note that cars may not be driven to the training site on Day 2 (the UTAP training), because there is no parking at the site. We will have vans from the Marriott to transport folks. We cannot pick up from other hotels.

    If you have more Q&A for our Discussion session, please provide your ideas to (especially for eligibility issues). Please feel free to submit ideas even if you can't attend.

    Sec 6003, State Assumption of Responsibilities for Certain Programs and Projects, allows up to five States to assume the responsibilities of the Secretary of Transportation for the Recreational Trails Program and/or for Transportation Enhancements for environmental reviews, consultation, and project and program decisionmaking. This would allow States to assume program control and authority to administer the RTP and/or TE. The State also would assume full responsibility and liability, and accept the jurisdiction of Federal courts. NOTE: A State may choose to assume responsibility for RTP and not TE, or for TE and not RTP, or for both TE and RTP.

    To implement this provision FHWA needs to: 1) solicit proposals from States; 2) publish notices in the Federal Register; 3) solicit views from other Federal agencies; 4) select pilots; and 5) form MOUs, monitor compliance, and decide whether to renew MOUs.

    If your State interested in participating in this program, please let me know. We need to determine initial interest, before deciding how aggressively to implement the program. I (Christopher Douwes) am the contact person for this provision.

    SO FAR (Sept 6): I have heard expressions of interest from:

    • Alaska DNR (according to our FHWA Division in a teleconference discussing Section 6005)
    • New Jersey TE Manager
    • Ohio DOT has high interest (at least for TE) ... so, it looks like we have to establish the program....
    All States submitted some form of documentation of FY 2005 State Trail Advisory Committee meetings to qualify for FY 2006 Recreational Trails Program (RTP) apportionments. I still need complete documentation (as of Sept 6, 2005): Hawaii (Dec 2004, but I still need complete documentation), Massachusetts (Sept 13), Michigan (Sept 13), Missouri (Sept 17).

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