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2008 RTP and TE Update

RTP and TE Program Update

The RTP and TE Update is an archive of newsworthy items sent to State Trail Administrators, Transportation Enhancement Program Managers, and advocacy groups. Items may include general announcements, upcoming events, and updates on other issues related to the Recreational Trails Program and the Transportation Enhancement Activities.

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December 18, 2008
Program Information Resources
Training Resources
Conferences and Calendars

November 7, 2008
Surface Transportation Authorization Proposals
FHWA Guidance, Policy, and Resources: Snow Removal
News and Newsletters
Awards and Anniversaries: Excellence in Highway Design

October 10, 2008
FY 2009 Federal-Aid Highway Program Apportionments
2008 Physical Activity Guidelines
National Recreation Trail Designation Applications
Awards and Anniversaries: National Trails System Act 40th Anniversary

October 2, 2008
National Scenic Byways Program Nominations
President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports: Call to Activity
National Wildlife Federation: Make Tracks!™ Family Trail Weekend!
Calls for Conference Presentations

September 15, 2008
Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program LAST CALL: Comments due September 22, 2008
Repayment of Preliminary Engineering Costs
FY 2008 Rescissions Posted

August 28, 2008
Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program
Transportation Reform Proposal
Integrating Considerations into the Transportation Planning Process

July 18, 2008
Accessibility Regulations Announced
Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program
State Practice Resources
FHWA Newsletters

July 08, 2008
Transportation Enhancements Spending Report for FY 2007
Accessibility Regulations Announced
FHWA Guidance, Policy, and Resource Updates
Awards and Designations

May 30, 2008
Advisory Committee Best Practices
Equestrian Guidance and Publications
Shared Use Path Surfaces
Shared Use Paths Along or Near Freeways / Bicycles on Freeways

April 24, 2008
AASHTO Wildlife and Roads Website
America's Byways®: Do you have a Byways Story?
National Scenic and Historic Trails Training Needs Assessment
National Trails System MOU

March 20, 2008
FY 2008 Apportionment and Rescission Notices Update
TE Website Update
TE and RTP Questions and Answers

March 7, 2008
FY 2008 Apportionment and Rescission Notices
Framework for Considering Motorized Use on Nonmotorized Trails and Pedestrian Walkways under 23 U.S.C. §217
America's Byways Bulletin: FY 2008 National Scenic Byways Program Grant Solicitation
Coalition for Recreational Trails Activities / RTP Achievement Awards

February 7, 2008
National Surface Transportation and Revenue Study Commission: Report to Congress
Above and Beyond: AASHTO Report on the Environmental and Social Contributions of America's Highway Programs
Interim Report to the U.S. Congress on the Nonmotorized Transportation Pilot Program
Trail Training and Education

January 4, 2008
2007 Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives
National Scenic Byways Program Announcements
Website Updates: TE Apportionments, Rescissions, and Obligations; RTP Apportionments, Rescissions, and Obligations; Bicycle and Pedestrian Obligations
2008 Annual Corps Forum

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