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Keeping It Simple: Easy Ways to Help Wildlife Along Roads

Dimmer lights mean safer flights for shorebirds

Bright lights are bad news for migratory seabirds. As they fly inland to nesting areas, the birds can become disoriented by the lights and fly into cars or buildings. On the Hawaiian islands of Kauai and Hawaii, migrating seabirds like the endangered dark-rumped Petrel and threatened Newell's Shearwater now fly at much less risk of injury or roadkill thanks to a proactive lighting policy set up by the Hawaii State Department of Transportation. Light poles are now limited to a height of 25 feet, lights must be low-wattage and directed downward, lights must be shaded to prevent light from escaping horizontally, and muted colors must be used instead of bright white.
--Apr 25, 2003

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Newell's shearwater
Photo by Jack Jeffrey Photography ©
Newell's shearwater

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