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Keeping It Simple: Easy Ways to Help Wildlife Along Roads

Nesting platforms protect osprey nests near road construction

Ospreys are migratory birds known for their huge wingspan and their ability to plunge feet-first into water (their feet are specially adapted for catching and carrying fish). Historically, they've chosen obstacle-free nesting and roosting places, so they are often seen atop power poles. Activities to protect ospreys and other raptors along highways are part of an ongoing program in the Montana Department of Transportation. To date, the Department has partnered with resource agencies and utility companies to relocate 20 nests away from highway construction work in the western half of the state and to raptor-proof power poles in the vicinity. Workers have relocated the nests to artificial nesting platforms that include horizontal perching poles similar to power-pole cross arms. In the new locations, the ospreys are building as many nests as before.
--Apr 25, 2003

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Osprey nesting platform near Flathead River
Montana Department of Transportation photo
Osprey nesting platform near Flathead River

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