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Fixing America's Surface Transportation Act or "FAST Act"

Technology and Innovation Deployment Program

Fiscal year 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Authorization $67 M $67.5 M $67.5 M $67.5 M $67.5 M

Program purpose

The FAST Act continues the Technology and Innovation Deployment Program, funding efforts to accelerate the implementation and delivery of new innovations and technologies that result from highway research and development to benefit all aspects of highway transportation.

Statutory citations

FAST Act § 1444, 6002-6004; 23 U.S.C. 502-503

Funding features

Type of budget authority

Contract authority from the Highway Account of the Highway Trust Fund. Funds are available until expended. At the request of the State, the Secretary may transfer funds apportioned or allocated to that State to another State or to FHWA to fund research, development and technology transfer activities of mutual interest on a pooled fund basis. Funds are subject to the overall Federal-aid obligation limitation and the obligation limitation associated with these funds is available for four fiscal years.


The following amounts are to be set aside from the amounts authorized for the TIDP Program:

Federal share

The Federal share of a project or activity carried out with funds authorized under section 6002 of the FAST Act shall be 80% unless expressly specified otherwise by the Act or otherwise determined by the Secretary. [FAST Act § 6002(c)(1)]

Eligible activities

The FAST Act continued without change the activities eligible under the TIDP, including—

In addition, the FAST Act requires FHWA to continue its innovation partnership, Every Day Counts, and work with stakeholders to identify a new collection of target innovations, best practices, and data at least every two years. [FAST Act § 1444]

Program features

The FAST Act requires DOT to issue (and post online), at least annually, a report on the costs and benefits from deployment of new technology and innovations that substantially and directly resulted from the use of the accelerated implementation and deployment of pavement technologies set-aside. The report may include Federal, State, and local cost savings, project delivery time improvements, reduced fatalities, and congestion impacts. [FAST Act § 6003(2)]

February 2016

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