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Award and Recognition Programs

The programs listed below recognize outstanding efforts in the fields of planning, environment, and realty.


Transportation Planning Excellence Awards

The Transportation Planning Excellence Awards Program is a biennial awards program developed by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) to recognize outstanding initiatives across the country to develop, plan and implement innovative transportation planning practices. The program is co-sponsored by the American Planning Association.


Environmental Excellence Awards

Since the program started in 1995, these biennial awards for Environmental Excellence have recognized partners, projects and processes that use FHWA funding sources to go beyond environmental compliance and achieve environmental excellence. We accept nominations for any project, process, group or individuals involved in a project or process that has used FHWA funding sources to make an outstanding contribution that go beyond the traditional transportation projects and encourage environmental stewardship and partnerships to achieve a truly multi-faceted, environmentally sensitive transportation solution. FHWA is currently integrating the Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives and Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives into the Environmental Excellence Awards. For more information, please contact William F. Ostrum at (202) 366-4651 or

Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives

Ecosystems are interconnected communities of living things and the physical environment within which they interact. Preserving and enhancing ecosystems is critical to protecting our diverse biological resources and sustaining our communities and economies that rely on their products. The ecosystem approach looks at the present and beyond. It envisions future conditions under which ecological, economic, and social factors are integrated. The FHWA Exemplary Ecosystem Initiatives (EEI) awards program, now a part of the Environmental Excellence Awards, recognizes exemplary ecosystem and habitat projects. For information on past EEI recipients, please visit the EEI website or contact William F. Ostrum at (202) 366-4651 or

Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives

The Exemplary Human Environment Initiatives (EHEI) awards program, also a new addition to the Environmental Excellence Awards, recognizes transportation initiatives that make our transportation system work better. The EHEIs showcase outstanding examples of innovation that have been successfully implemented in one place but have the potential for being applied in many other places. For more information on past EHEI recipients, please visit the EHEI website or contact Brenda Kragh at (202) 366-2064 or


Excellence in Right-of-Way Awards

This biennial awards program was developed by FHWA to honor those who excel in streamlining or improving the real property acquisition process while ensuring that property owners' and tenants' rights are protected. The awards recognize outstanding innovations that enhance the right-of-way professional's ability to meet the challenges associated with acquiring real property for a Federal-aid project. For more information, please contact Carolyn James at (202) 493-0353, or at

Updated: 7/21/2016
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