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Linking Environmental Priorities With Transportation Plans

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A final linkage can be made when resource conservation and management agencies establish and prioritize opportunities. Their efforts can be linked to transportation agencies when they are adopting a plan and developing potential mitigation strategies (see Exhibit F).

Exhibit F
Shows the same "PEL puzzle" as in Exhibit A, but this version is faded out except for one section of the puzzle. It highlights where a linkage can be made between resource conservation and management establishment and prioritization of opportunities and transportation planning long-range plans and potential mitigation strategies.

What Is the Linkage?

During development and adoption of the long-range transportation plan, mitigation opportunities at both the state and local level can be established and prioritized.

Why Make the Linkage?

This action would:

What to Consider?

What Data Informs This Linkage?

Data for this linkage includes:

Analysis and Documentation

Documentation that supports this step is the adopted long-range transportation plan with recommendations and mitigation strategies included along with any Memorandum of Understanding or Memorandum of Agreement that is reached. Agreed mitigation strategies should be documented and reflected in interagency MOUs/MOAs, local ordinances, and/or guidance documents. Formal agreements between resource agencies and the MPO or state DOT help ensure mutual support for identified strategies and increase the effectiveness and reliability of solutions negotiated at this stage, as more project-specific detail emerges in project development.

What Decisions Help Make the Linkage?

Resource conservation and management agencies, state DOTs, and sometimes MPOs negotiate appropriate strategies and priorities, in response to planning level analysis of environmental effects.

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