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Specific to the America's Byways® collection, the Longwoods International study found a very high perception of the quality and diversity of the collection for those who had traveled one or more nationally designated byways. However, the study also noted that of those surveyed, less than 10 percent of Americans 18 years old or older had traveled one of America's Byways® in the last two years. Of this group, 92 percent said they had a "memorable" experience. Additionally, the study found that once introduced to the collection, 60 percent of Americans 18 years old or older surveyed said they would "likely visit" one of America's Byways®. These findings prompted Longwoods International to describe the America's Byways® collection as one of the "Nation's best kept secrets."

Other key comments/observations[1] from travelers who had experienced the America's Byways® collection within three years of the survey:

One matter of potential concern is that only about two in five recent byway travelers surveyed (42%) agreed with the statement, "the America's Byways® Program offers an easy way to plan a trip." This result may indicate that while the Program is doing a great job marketing the byway collection, there is a need to go beyond marketing and provide practical information for travelers to help them plan their trips.

  1. This is a selective sampling from the full report-it does not reflect the full survey questions, but does showcase the most significant findings.^ back

Updated: 9/3/2013
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