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4. The Collection Today

Where are the Byways?

America's Byways® are found across the United States. Designated routes may be found in some of the nation's most scenic spots, in historic transportation corridors, alongside popular recreation areas, and in unique archaeological, cultural, and natural settings. Byways travel from community to community and from State to State, and may be found traversing Tribal homelands and National Parks, Forests, Wildlife Refuges, and Recreation areas. Designated routes include remote highways, city streets, State, Tribal and US routes; parkways; and Interstate highways. This amazingly diverse collection ranges from the serenity of the 3,500 mile Alaska's Marine Highway—a remote ferry route reaching to the tip of the Aleutian Islands—to the short five miles of glittering neon and lights that define the Las Vegas Strip.

The 126 routes in the America's Byways® collection represent 155 separate State-designated segments in 44 States, and a combined length of 23,869 miles. Map 1 shows the byways in relation to the States, and Table 5 lists the number of designated byways per State. Colorado and Oregon each have ten designated scenic byways, the highest number of byways in a State, followed by New Mexico with eight.

Map 1 : The America's Byways® Collection and the States
Designated byways depicted on a map of the continental United States showing state boundaries, an inset map of Alaska and the Western states, and an inset map of Hawaii.

Table 5 : Number of Designated Byways per State
State Byways State Byways State Byways
Colorado 10 Kentucky 3 Delaware 1
Oregon 10 Maryland 3 Georgia 1
New Mexico 8 Michigan 3 Louisiana 1
California 7 Nevada 3 Montana 1
Illinois 7 New Hampshire 3 Oklahoma 1
Minnesota 7 New York 3 Vermont 1
Utah 7 South Carolina 3 Wisconsin 1
Idaho 6 Connecticut 2 Wyoming 1
Washington 6 Indiana 2 Hawaii 0
West Virginia 6 Iowa 2 Massachusetts 0
Arizona 5 Kansas 2 Nebraska 0
Ohio 5 Mississippi 2 New Jersey 0
Maine 4 Missouri 2 Rhode Island 0
Virginia 4 North Carolina 2 Texas 0
Alabama 3 North Dakota 2 District of Columbia 0
Alaska 3 Pennsylvania 2 Puerto Rico 0
Arkansas 3 South Dakota 2    
Florida 3 Tennessee 2    
Updated: 9/3/2013
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