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7. Funding the Collection

Grant Process and Cycles

The products of National Scenic Byways Program grant funding may be seen across the full spectrum of the America's Byways® collection. Informative interpretive panels, brochures, and guidebooks explain historic events and natural features; pull-offs, kiosks, visitor centers, and restrooms enhance travelers' experiences, and marketing programs, promotional materials, maps, and websites invite potential byway travelers to experience the designated byway routes. Conservation, preservation, environmental and education projects enhance visitor awareness for land and people resources and protect significant intrinsic qualities. Highway projects to improve safety and increase access to sites along byway corridors ensure the responsible accommodation of the traveling public.

Since 1992, over $300 million in National Scenic Byways Grants have been provided to the States for byway related projects. Over 16 funding cycles, these discretionary grant awards have leveraged more than $150 million in Federal, Tribal, State, and local matches. Beyond the planning, marketing, physical improvements, and other projects these funds have generated, the grants have also established an important relationship between FHWA and the local, State, and Tribal governments managing byway corridors. The grants provide a touchstone with the Program and remind local byway advocates of their responsibilities to promote, protect, and enhance the America's Byways® collection.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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