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Appendix A - Incorporate Land Use Issues in Byway Nominations

To better evaluate and understand new byways being nominated as National Scenic Byways or All-American Roads, the following additions to the nomination form and nomination guide are recommended:

Nomination Guide

The protection of significant intrinsic qualities is essential to maintain the long term quality and desirability of your byway. In this section you will be asked to identify resource protection programs and policies that currently exist along the proposed byway route. You will be asked to briefly describe how the significant intrinsic qualities you have identified have been protected or recognized through the following:

  • National Register of Historic Places (site, district, or multiple property)
  • National Historic Landmark
  • Heritage Area or Corridor designation
  • Scenic or conservation easements
  • Wild and Scenic River programs
  • Local, State, Tribal, or Federal parks, monuments or sites
  • World Heritage Site
  • Wildlife Management Area or Refuge
  • Coastal Zone Management Area
  • Watershed Protection Area
  • Municipal, State, or National Forest
  • Tribal Sacred Site
  • Other special designation

Nomination Form

Briefly describe programs and policies that recognize or protect significant or featured intrinsic qualities identified along the proposed byway.

Briefly describe the likelihood of new development, its impact on the corridor's intrinsic qualities, and programs and policies in place that would minimize negative impacts on the intrinsic qualities.

The proposed byway corridor is regulated by local land use, planning or zoning laws:

__along the entire byway route

__along 50% or more of the byway route

__along less than 50% of the byway route

__no local land use, planning or zoning laws exist

The proposed byway corridor (or segments) is subject to the planning policies of a Federal land management agency (BLM, USDA Forest Service, NPS, FWS) or the US Army Corps of Engineers

__yes __no

Updated: 9/3/2013
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