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Options and Recommendations

The options and recommendations outlined in this report have been developed after a comprehensive analysis and review of the National Scenic Byways Program and America's Byways® collection after the first fifteen years of byway advocacy, policy, and development. They are based on a technical analysis of the Program, feedback from both formal and informal sources, and field observations with individual byways and byway organizations across the United States.

Unless noted otherwise, the options and recommendations are directed broadly to the byway community at large (FHWA, State and Indian tribe byway programs, the America's Byways® Resource Center, Federal land management agencies, and local byway organizations) rather than specific groups or organizations. The diversity and evolution of the NSBP demonstrates that a broad coalition of individuals and organizations from the grassroots level to the U. S. Department of Transportation are capable of coming together and cooperating for the betterment of the National Scenic Byways Program and America's Byways®.

One of the hallmarks of the Program has been the willingness for all participants to engage in critical commentary and thoughtful observation during the first fifteen years of the NSBP. There is no reason to expect any less of an enthusiastic commitment to the Program for the next fifteen years. Indeed, the growing visibility of the Program, its sophistication, and its infrastructure suggest the byway community, in partnership with FHWA, will be a formidable force in recognizing and protecting the unique intrinsic qualities that define the land (scenic, natural or recreational) and people (historic, cultural and archaeological) resources of the United States.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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