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Primary Recommendations

The key issues, observations and options for consideration identified in Tasks 1, 2 and 3 have been reviewed and condensed to a concise set of six primary recommendations. Through these six primary recommendations, this report seeks to present a reasonable agenda for action: one that is significant in its beneficial impact for the National Scenic Byways Program and the America's Byways® collection, and possible to accomplish within the immediate to near future.

The six primary recommendations are:

  1. Adopt the "Land and People" Approach.
  2. Establish annual management, goal setting, and achievement reports for all byways. Adopt a grant status and performance evaluation. Produce an annual Program summary report.
  3. Establish a reasonable process for re-designation.
  4. Integrate the concept of enhancing byway quality into corridor management planning, grants, performance reports, re-designation, and marketing.
  5. Perform community outreach.
  6. Review and consider alternate programs, policies and actions for the America's Byways® Collection and the National Scenic Byways Program.
Updated: 9/3/2013
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