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A Quality Collection

If a single word can capture the goals of the first fifteen years of the NSBP and represent Program's expectations for the future, it is quality. From resource protection and marketing to policy and management, all aspects defining the America's Byways® Collection strive for quality. The quality initiatives undertaken for the Program and collection may be best summarized for their role at enhancing, sustaining, and promoting byways across the nation.

Enhancing— Most of the byways in the collection are works in progress. These byways all must enhance aspects of the visitor experience and/or enhance the quality of their intrinsic resources. Whether it be improving access to dramatic scenery, better story-telling showcasing the land and people from the past, or attaining greater organizational and financial stability, all byways have needs to enable them to reach higher and enhance the quality of their resources and operations.

Sustaining— Once established, byways need to be nurtured and cared for. Financial and organizational resources, as well as intrinsic quality resources, must be sustained through participation in the Program. All byways need various types of support for their ongoing endeavors. Support might include assisting a local organization maintain or grow a volunteer staff, facilitating the transition to a professionally managed byway, or providing for the day-to-day care and maintenance of intrinsic quality resources. To be healthy, all byways need organizational vitality, momentum, financial support, strong leadership, and the skill to build a political base. Sustaining a byway should not be viewed as making the minimal effort to maintain the status quo, but as an effort to inspire continued dedication to exceptional accomplishments and processes.

Promoting— Byways and their resources need to be recognized and acknowledged. The physical routes, resources, programs, and activities need to be promoted. Visitors will not know about byways, nor will they travel byways unless promotion raises awareness. Promotion includes quality communication with elected officials so that they can see, measure, and appreciate the collection's value. Effective communication with States, Indian tribes, and local byway groups to raise awareness for the assistance provided by both FHWA and the America's Byways Resource Center is also a form of promotion. Promotion also includes community outreach to build awareness for the route, advocacy for the protection of intrinsic qualities and the communication of accomplishments with the press, State and Indian tribe byway coordinators, and the public at large.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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