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Tasks 1 and 3 Options

Task 1, Analyze the Existing America's Byways® Collection, presented an overview of the Program's status today. Task 3, Projects Funded through the National Scenic Byways Program (1991 - 2007) , offered a review of the Program's grant funding history and challenges. Each report identified issues that merit consideration as recommendations.

Table 2: Task 1 and Task 3 Options - Preferred and Alternate
Issue Preferred Options Alternate Options
Task 1:
  • Grassroots partnerships are a cornerstone of the Program.
  • Tribal participation is low.
  • The six intrinsic qualities are represented unevenly in the collection.
  • A consumer research study by Longwoods International[1] found that less than 10% of Americans have traveled America's Byways®.
  • Research methods to better support local byway advocacy organizations.
  • Establish focused outreach to encourage Indian tribes to participate in the Program.
  • Adopt the "land and people" concept.
  • Determine desired market awareness for America's Byways® and develop a marketing plan to meet objectives.
No alternate options were defined for this issue. All other issues are integrated within recommendations.
Task 3:
  • Consider adopting broader goals or themes for future funding cycles.
  • Review the apparent decline in the number of grant funded projects per byway as time passes.
  • Match levels often exceed the 20% minimum.
  • Tighten fiscal oversight of projects to better understand the effectiveness of grants.
  • Set Program level objectives for the broad objectives for each funding cycle.
  • Collect better information on the performance of each grant-funded project.
  • Collect better information on the evolving goals and objectives for all byways.
  • Collect better information on the nature of the matching funds leveraged by the Program's grants.
No alternate options were defined for this issue. All options were integrated into recommendations.
  1. America's Byways Resource Center, "Marketing: America's Byways Consumer Research". ^ back

Updated: 9/3/2013
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