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Category 2: Corridor Management Plan Development or Implementation

Category Description

Development and implementation of a corridor management plan to maintain the scenic, historical, recreational, cultural, natural, and archaeological characteristics of a byway corridor while providing for accommodation of increased tourism and development of related amenities. [23 U.S.C. 162(c)(2)]

Corridor management plan development funds are used to prepare and implement corridor management plans, a pre-requisite for all national designation applications and a critical tool in shaping the byway. The funds help local byways address the 14 points detailed in the Interim Policy that must be addressed in all corridor management plans that are submitted along with the nomination application including highway safety, tourism capacity, intrinsic quality inventories and management strategies, interpretation analyses and strategies, citizen participation, signage, mapping, recommended actions, and follow-up/measurement approaches (See Appendix B). There were 465 projects awarded under this category from 2001 to 2006. Total project costs were $63 million. Total grant awards were $21.6 million. The average dollars leveraged was a significantly high $1.92 for every grant dollar spent.

Table 16 : Category Profile for Corridor Planning Grant Impacts
Year Number
of Projects
Project Costs
Grant Funding
Dollars Leveraged
Per Program Dollar
2001 56 $13,200,442 $3,633,673$2.63
2002 47 $4,050,625 $2,738,193$0.48
2003 90 $30,922,978 $3,753,408$7.24
2004 70 $2,750,121 $2,167,434$0.27
2005 80 $4,482,143 $3,404,033$0.32
2006 122 $7,768,795 $5,945,913$0.31
Total 465 $63,175,104 $21,642,654$1.92

Figure 14 : Profile of Corridor Planning Grant Impacts

Combination column/line chart showing the data from Table 16 on projects funded from 2001 through 2006 in the Corridor management plan development or implementation eligibility category. A line depicts the number of projects in each year, and pairs of columns depict the total grant amounts and total project costs.

Relevant Project: Corridor Management Plan for Alaska's Marine Highway

The State of Alaska received $284,000 to prepare a corridor plan for the 3,100-mile Alaska's Marine Highway, extending from Bellingham, Washington to the Aleutian Chain. The State's ferry system is operated by the Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Works. Workshops were held in dozens of port communities along the route. Special sailing workshops were held to review recommended actions. Specific guidelines were developed to reassure port-side property owners that Alaska's Marine Highway Authority would be working with them and that the major focus for all actions would be on Marine Highway property. Scenic landscape evaluations were performed along the route; inventories, tourism, and interpretive stories were prepared. A major interpretive theme was the idea of conveying to visitors the degree to which Alaska's magnificent resources represent a working landscape with mining, lumbering, and fishing all occurring on public lands. The resulting plan generated a system-long interpretive effort and visitor information investments in ports and communities all along the route.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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