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Category 8: Marketing

Category Description

Development and implementation of a scenic byway marketing program.

[23 U.S.C. 162 (c)]

Category 8 funds a wide variety of marketing initiatives including: the preparation of marketing plans and strategies; brochure and other collateral design, printing, and distribution; web site development; materials for trade shows, signage; maps, and guides; advertising campaigns; public relations; and training related to marketing. This category emphasizes the importance of multi-state and multi-byway marketing efforts.

Since 2001, this category saw 135 grant awards. Total project costs exceeded $21 million, supported by $14.6 million in byway funding; the match leverage was $0.44.

Table 22 : Category Profile for Marketing Grant Impacts
Year Number
of Projects
Total Project Costs Total Grant Funding Dollars Leveraged
Per Program Dollar
2001 20 $4,176,776 $3,053,153$0.37
2002 7 $2,399,150 $1,353,800$0.77
2003 22 $1,714,970 $1,190,132$0.44
2004 17 $3,799,223 $2,876,121$0.32
2005 34 $4,758,543 $2,924,379$0.63
2006 35 $4,331,411 $3,260,551 $0.33
Total 135 $21,180,073 $14,658,136 $0.44

Figure 20 : Profile of Marketing Grant Impacts

Combination column/line chart showing the data from Table 22 on projects funded from 2001 through 2006 in the Marketing eligibility category. A line depicts the number of projects in each year, and pairs of columns depict the total grant amounts and total project costs.

Relevant Project: Creole Nature Trail Marketing Project

The Creole Nature Trail, AAR, in Louisiana used a NSBP grant of $397,640, with a match from the Southwest Louisiana Convention and Visitors Bureau, to develop a marketing initiative for the byway. The 1999 grant facilitated a marketing initiative designed to build brand awareness for the byway corridor through a variety of initiatives and projects. The Creole Nature Trail developed and refined the concept of " Louisiana's Outback" as a byway identifier and logo, building a sense of adventure based on eco-tourism. Supporting materials to market the byway included brochures, an audio driving tour, the Creole Nature Trail Companion, and a children's Fun Box (designed to be both fun and educational).

Updated: 9/3/2013
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