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National Scenic Byways Program Coordinator Training Course

State and Tribal Byways Program Coordinators play a vital role in implementing the National Scenic Byways Program at the local level. This position requires building relationships and communicating with byway organizations; strategic planning for and managing a State or tribal program and nominations for national designation; and managing the prioritization and flow of grant funds. This course offers basic information needed to be successful in your role in managing the National Scenic Byways Program in your State/tribe. This course is not intended to replace the job duties assigned at the State or tribal level.

  1. Module 1: FHWA Interim Policy

    1. Lesson 1.1: Interim Policy Access
    2. Lesson 1.2: State and Tribal Program Roles
    3. Lesson 1.3: Interim Policy Components
  2. Module 2: Federal-Aid Highway Program Funding and Responsibilities

    1. Lesson 2.1: Flow of Federal Funds
    2. Lesson 2.2: State Administration of FHWA Funds
    3. Lesson 2.3: Federal Fund Resources and Support
  3. Module 3: National Scenic Byways Program Roles

    1. Lesson 3.1: FHWA NSB Staff and Division Office
    2. Lesson 3.2: State/Tribal Byway Program Coordinators
  4. Module 4: Responsibilities of Coordinators

    1. Lesson 4.1: Grant Application Components
    2. Lesson 4.2: Best Practices for Grant Proposals
    3. Lesson 4.3: Minimum Requirements for Designation
  5. Module 5: Basics of Byways 101

    1. Lesson 5.1: Four Learning Components
    2. Lesson 5.2: Key Learning Components and the Byways Program
  6. Glossary

Updated: 9/3/2013
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