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Lesson 5.1 Four Learning Components

Learning Objective 1:
Locate Byways 101 Information
Learning Objective 2:
Recall the four learning components (Program Overview; Intrinsic Qualities; Public and Community Involvement; and Planning, Action & Nomination)

The location for Byways 101 information is the website,

From the Byways 101 website, the four learning components are separated into their own areas for quick access. For this course, our goal is to give you a brief overview of each of the four areas:

Program Overview

Learn about the National Scenic Byways Program, other byway programs and key byway concepts. Check your byway nowledge before you start and again after you finish.

Program Overview includes; what is a byway, the benefits of a byway, grants and other funding sources as well as explanations of The National Scenic Byways Program and the America's Byways and other Byways.

Intrinsic Qualities & The Byway Story

Explore the byway planning process, including corridor assessments and intrinsic quality identification. Learn how to tell your byway story to enhance the visitor's experience.

Intrinsic Qualities & the Byway Story includes; the Six Intrinsic Qualities, what is a Byway Story, Byway Inventory and The Byway Story, the Inventory Process, and identifying the Byway Corridor. Specific Resources: List of Intrinsic Qualities, Interim policy

Public & Community Involvement

Discover how to identify, engage and organize key stakeholders for your byway initiative. Work together to develop your purpose, vision, mission, goals and objectives.

Public and Community Involvement includes; Building Local Support & Identifying Stakeholders, Developing a Public Participation Strategy, Evaluating Your Byway Initiative, The Byway Vision & Goals, and Organizational Options.

Planning, Action & Nomination

See how to develop an action plan to preserve, promote, sustain and enhance your byway. Understand the corridor management plan and other considerations for designation.

Planning, Action and Nomination; Begin with State, Federal or Indian Tribe Coordinators, The Corridor Management Plan (CMP), The CMP's 14 Points, Regional or National Significance, and More Byway Resources.

Updated: 10/19/2015
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