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Module 5 - Basics of Byways 101

Byways 101 is an online resource,, that introduces volunteers, leaders and coordinators to the basics of byways. It's also a terrific refresher for experienced byway supporters. Each Byways 101 part covers essential information and includes Skill Builders and Resources. Byways 101 can serve as a valuable tool for State and tribal byway program coordinators to provide basic information to prospective byway organizations.

Lessons and Learning Objectives

Lesson 5.1 Four Learning Components
Learning Objective 1. Locate Byways 101 information.
Learning Objective 2. Recall the four learning components (Program Overview; Intrinsic Qualities; Public and Community Involvement; Planning, Action & Nomination).
Lesson 5.2 Key Learning Components and the Byways Program
Learning Objective 3. Explain how intrinsic qualities, visitor experience and planning reflect the National Scenic Byways Program in the Interim Policy.

Web Resources

  1. Byways 101
  2. List of Intrinsic Qualities
Updated: 10/19/2015
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