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Integration of Information Example 1 - Good Example, Resource Protection Category

Abstract/Project Description

This project will implement the Skyway's corridor management plan that emphasizes the protection of high priority resources. Specifically, this grant will help finance the acquisition of a 100-acre conservation easement on a very important scenic, natural and recreational resource property and help implement additional resource protection along the corridor as part of the "San Juan Skyway Initiative. The protection of this property has been a longstanding local and regional priority. The "San Juan Skyway Initiative" is an ambitious multi-million dollar initiative to protect keystone resources along this All-American Road.

This project benefits the byway traveler by implementing land conservation and resource/recreation protection projects identified as contributing elements to the enjoyment of visitors traveling the Skyway. Due to the alignment of the Skyway through river valleys, several miles of the byway are comprised of a ribbon of private lands sandwiched between USFS lands. These lands showcase local ranching heritage, as well as provide outstanding scenery and key wildlife habitat. In addition, these lands provide access to adjacent public lands for multiple outdoor recreational opportunities. This project will reduce the impacts of land development within the byway corridor.

This is a good example because it:

  • Is simple and well-focused,
  • Summarizes specifically what the project will do (i.e., finance acquisition of a conservation easement)
  • Describes what the benefit to the byway traveler will be
  • Only provides information the reviewer needs to determine eligibility
Updated: 9/3/2013
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