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Integration of Information Example 2 - Good Example, Safety Improvements Category

Abstract/Project Description:

This project will increase byway traveler safety through the construction of turn lanes and pedestrian crossing features at a site with a high accident frequency and severity rating. The project will widen US Highway 101 by 14 feet to create exclusive north- and south-bound left turn lanes, expanded roadway shoulders, and right-turn tapers for the eastern and western entrances into Potlatch State Park and the shared entry road that leads to a new Skokomish residential neighborhood. Other safety enhancements: improved sight distance, intersection illumination and advance warning devices to signal drivers that pedestrians are crossing the byway (US Highway 101) at the park.

This project benefits the Pacific Coast Scenic Byway traveler's visits through or to Potlatch State Park by 1) making it safer for vehicles, especially large recreational vehicles, to turn off the byway (US Highway 101) and into the eastern and western park entrances; 2) making it safer for park visitors on foot or bicycle to cross US Highway 101 to get from one side of the park to the other; and 3) making through traffic along this stretch of the byway safer due to clearer signage, striping and widened shoulders.

This is a good example because it:

  • Is simple and well-focused
  • Summarizes specifically what the project will do
  • Describes what the benefit to the byway traveler will be
Updated: 9/3/2013
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