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Integration of Information Example 2 - Good Example, Safety Improvements Category

Work Plan:

Milestone/Task Start Date Duration Responsible Party Justification
Bid Process (advertising; information to bidders; bid opening; bid award) Establish funding agreement with State AAD - 1 months* 6 weeks David Frey and Shea, Carr & Jewell engineers This task brings a qualified construction firm and bid to the project. It would begin in advance of the August 1 NSBP grant start date because lead time would be needed to identify a construction contractor and get the construction phase implemented in August (i.e., during the summer when road construction is best).
Availability of Cash Match for the Project Aug 01, 2008 1 day Skokomish Indian Tribal Council and the Tribal CFO The Tribe is matching over 50% of the project with cash from its PLHD earmark for Indian Reservation Road improvements. The details of the match are given in the Budget worksheet, with supporting data given in the Narrative and Attachments section of this proposal application.
Contract Award and Notice to Proceed AAD + 2 weeks* 1 week Skokomish Legal Dept and Tribal Chair During these seven days reference checks and legal review take place and, if everything is in order, it starts the construction phase of the project.
Traffic Control ADD + 2 weeks* 10 weeks Construction Contractor Traffic control measures will be carried out throughout the project and the Skokomish's Construction Inspector
Weekly Construction Update Meetings AAD + 2 weeks* 75 days David Frey Weekly construction meetings will be held with the contractor, representatives from the Skokomish Tribe, Potlatch State Park, Washington Dept. of Transportation, local utility companies, representatives from Shea, Carr & Jewell (project design engineer) to review the work completed, make design adjustments, address any problems and forecast the work coming up.
Erosion Control AAD + 17 days* 2 weeks Construction Contractor Erosion control will begin early in the project. The extent of control will be dependent upon the weather (i.e., amount of rain).
Site Preparation AAD + 17 days* 2 weeks Construction Contractor This first phase of construction will include mobilization of equipment and work involved to clear and prep the site for grading.
Archaeological monitoring and historical salvage AAD + 17 days* 60 days Kris Miller, Skokomish Tribal Historic Preservation Officer and Dr. Gary Wessen, Lead Archaeologist The project is in the location of two ancestral village sites of the Skokomish Tribe. Careful cultural resources monitoring protocols will be followed throughout the phases of construction involving digging and earth moving. Actual days need for this category will be determined by what, if anything, is uncovered during earth work.
Site Grading AAD + 38 days* 2 weeks Construction Contractor Site grading will include roadway excavation, gravel borrow haul and embankment compaction. This work preps the roadway for eventual paving.
Site Drainage AAD + 45 days* 2 weeks Construction Contractor The drainage phase of the project includes the installation of culverts and stream bed reconstruction to address proper water flow management off the roadway and through the Potlatch Creek culvert running under Hwy 101.
Site Surfacing AAD + 52 days* 1 week Construction Contractor This task lays the crushed surfacing base course on the roadway in advance of the asphalt being laid.
Laying Hot Mix Asphalt AAD + 55 days* 2 days Construction Contractor This task lays the asphalt lifts of the roadway; the top surface pavement.
Installation of Traffic Safety Features AAD + 57 days* 1 week Construction Contractor This phase of the project is the installation of the traffic safety features of the new turn lanes: guardrails, paint line, lane lines, flexible guide posts, traffic arrows, crosswalk line, illumination system, crosswalk beacon and raised pavement markers.
Planting AAD + 58 days* 5 days Construction Contractor Seeding, fertilizing and mulching to establish vegetation for erosion control.
Site Clean Up AAD + 10 weeks* 5 days Construction Contractor Proper site clean up will be especially important this being a public park.
Project Close Out Meeting AAD + 12 weeks* 1 day David Frey A final project close out meeting will be held approximately with the project team to confirm all work has been completely satisfactorily and to finalize all budget issues.

This is a good example because it:

  • Supports the statements made in the Narration/Project Summary and is consistent with the information included in the Budget/Cost Breakdown
  • Establishes the timeframe and clearly details the steps to be undertaken to execute the project
Updated: 9/3/2013
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