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Integration of Information Example 3 - Less Successful Example, Byway Facilities Category

Abstract/Project Description:

This project will assist in the development of an education/information center. The CMP for this byway states that the byway organization should work closely with the surrounding valley to see whether the byway can assist with strengthening visitation through more extensive marketing. The new information center will focus on the key needs in the CMP for this byway. The CMP advises "The primary need for investment along the byway is to create interpretation that will lead the visitor." This completely eco-friendly facility will assist in meeting that need. Maintenance will be funded via a restaurant tax estimated to net an additional $250K/year.

This project benefits the byway traveler by integrating the stories of the surrounding area into the interpretive materials and promoting a strategy which enhances economic benefits from byway tourism. The history and development of mountain/country music has been preserved and promoted at an existing Entertainment Center. In addition to history and culture, the byway offers natural, recreational and scenic experiences. The development of the proposed facility will empower local tourism professionals the ability to inform the byway traveler of the significance of the byway's intrinsic qualities that form the byway's story as well as fulfilling multi-modal recommendations of the CMP.

This example is less successful because it:

  • References the goal of strengthening visitation through more extensive marketing but does not effectively make the transition from enhanced marketing to the construction of a multi-million dollar interpretive facility
  • Is not clear what the proposed interpretive materials will consist of and why they should be integrated into the existing interpretive materials
  • Does not clearly summarize what the proposed project funding will be spent on (e.g., the Abstract references that the "project will assist in the development of an education information center..."). Will the proposed funding be used to develop a design for the center, include design, construction, and the development and fabrication of interpretive displays/panels? What will the focus of the center be (the primary intrinsic quality for which the byway was nationally designated is historic) and why will visitors be attracted (e.g., proximity to other points of interest, etc.)?
  • How will this project as stated in the Abstract fulfill the "multi-modal recommendations of the CMP"?
Updated: 9/3/2013
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