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Integration of Information Example 3 - Less Successful Example, Byway Facilities Category

Budget/Cost Breakdown:

# Description Total Cost Requested Match
1. Salaries and Benefits 300,000 240,000 60,000
2. Travel 20,000 16,000 4,000
3. Supplies 30,000 24,000 6,000
4. Contractual 5,500,000 4,400,000 1,100,000
5. Other Costs 45,000 36,000 9,000
Total $5,895,000 $4,716,000 $1,179,000

This application is less successful because it:

  • Provides insufficient detail to determine the eligibility and the appropriateness of the project costs. It does not provide enough detail to support the activities outlined in the Narrative/Project Summary and Work Plan and does not provide the reviewer sufficient information to determine the eligibility of the costs or whether the costs requested are proportionate to the benefit to the byway traveler
  • Cost are bundled together and costs of specific items are not separated out
  • Does not provide sufficient detail to justify the requested salaries and benefits line item, which are not proportionate to the project
  • Travel expenses are not demonstrated as necessary by the Narrative/Project Summary or Work Plan.
  • Unspecified "other costs" are included
  • Unspecified "contractual" costs are included. These should be broken down as to what services would be provided at what cost (e.g., design of the facility, construction of the facility with a cost breakdown provided to support the various project elements, development of interpretive exhibits/panels, fabrication of interpretive exhibits/panels, number of units, etc.)
Updated: 9/3/2013
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