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Integration of Information Example 3 - Less Successful Example, Byway Facilities Category

Work Plan:

Milestone/Task Start Date Duration Responsible Party Justification
Establish funding agreement with State AAD*      
Information Center -Transfer Land Title AAD + 1 week* 7 weeks All organizations listed in grant application summary All organizations listed in the grant application summary will enter into negotiations to close on the land and transfer of ownership to the responsible parties. This phase must be complete before RFPs are issued for the architectural design on the building are issued.
Information Center -Procurement of and Work With Architect AAD + 2 months* 4 months Development Association Information Center Team This phase shall allow for the submission for bids and award of the architecture design of the facility as well as completion of work by the professional chosen to assist us in this process. In addition, we have allowed 30 days for revisions to the plan.
Information Center - RFP for Construction AAD + 6 months* 2 months Development Association Information Center Team This phase of the project will house the issuance and award for the RFP to begin construction on the center. This phase is required by OMB Uniform Administrative Requirements and Cost Principles for Non-profit Corporations to ensure fair and equitable competition between vendors. Negotiations and contract finalization will also be completed during this phase of the project.
Information Center -Construction AAD + 8 months* 9 months All organizations listed in the project summary as well as the awarded vendor This phase of the project will be the construction of the education and information center for the byway. This phase should be considered the substance of the project. Development of the building will be complete in approximately nine months, weather permitting.
Information Center -Cleaning and Moving In AAD + 17 months* 1 month Byway Volunteers This phase will begin once the construction crew has completed their job. This phase will be essential to the completion of the project since the facilities must be clean for public use. Once the facility is clean, furniture and fixtures will be moved and the facility will be ready for use. It is our goal that this phase of the project be completed by byway volunteers in order to keep the cost down. As well as containing cost, this is a way of persuading the community to take pride in their new destination.
Information Center - Marketing for Grand Opening AAD + 17 months* 6 months Development Association Information Center Team This phase of the project will run consecutively with the clean up phase of the project. This phase is essential to the successful opening of the facility. The old saying goes"...if you build it, they will come..." however, we know that you have to build it and market it before they will come. This phase will include television, radio and print advertising. In addition, this phase will include the launching of a website for the Byway.
Information Center - Grand Opening AAD + 18 months* 1 month Development Association and County Tourist Commission The grand opening of the education and information center will occur during this phase of the project. While this phase will officially open the center, the marketing phase will continue for approximately four months after the center is open. This will ensure a larger number of visitors coming to the area.

This example is less successful because it:

  • Lacks specificity and only includes large "blocks" of activity. For example, Information Center Construction should be broken down into more specific components
  • Work Plan elements are not discussed and are not supported by information in the Narrative/Project Summary
Updated: 9/3/2013
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