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Integration of Information Example 4 - Less Successful Example, Byway Facilities Category

Work Plan:

Milestone/Task Start Date Duration Responsible Party Justification
Establish funding agreement with State AAD*      
Selective Demolition AAD + 60 days* 30 days County Over the years, the historically unfinished north end of the basement has been unsystematically modified to accommodate offices and restrooms. Today, the basement lacks a clear circulation pattern and adequate restrooms. To provide a central hallway between the front and rear staircases, new elevator, proposed public restrooms and orientation/interpretive space, the non-historic walls in the building's center section will be removed. Non-historic east/west walls will also be removed to create a large interpretive space on the hall's west side. To provide for the elevator, bulk stone under the basement vault will be removed. The women's restroom will be demolished to create a path from the new elevator to the new central corridor. All existing utilities and lighting will be removed.
Plumbing AAD + 90 days* 30 days County Current basement plumbing serves two restrooms and a break room. All plumbing will be removed and new plumbing installed to supply water to two new unisex toilets. New fixtures, including sinks and toilets, will be installed in the new ADA restrooms.
Concrete AAD + 120 days* 30 days County The current foundation does not meet structural requirements required for the installation of the proposed elevator. In addition, the basement slab is broken and heaving in places. The foundation will be underpinned to accommodate the elevator. The basement slabs will be cut and patched to provide a smooth surface for installation of a new tile floor.
Electrical/Lighting AAD + 150 days* 30 days County All utilities will be demolished during the "Selective Demolition" phase of the project. Under this phase, new electrical receptacles, wiring, switches and light fixtures will be installed.
Interior Plan/Finishes AAD + 180 days* 60 days County New walls for restrooms and hallways will be constructed and finished with drywall. New tile floors will be installed. The interpretive space has furred-in gypsum board walls over the limestone perimeter walls. These furred-in walls will be replaced with new walls. New woodwork, including wood elevator surrounds, doors, baseboards, and cabinets will be installed. Existing woodwork, including historic window sashes and trim will be painted. All walls will be painted.
Interpretation AAD + 30 weeks* 30 days County The County will contract with an exhibits specialist to research and design interpretive panels that incorporate text and photographs to tell the story of the County Courthouse and the stone construction tradition along the byway.

This example is less successful because it:

  • Includes work associated with a new elevator. This need or association of this elevator to the byway traveler is not discussed in the Narrative/Project Summary
  • In the Budget/Cost Breakdown (see below) costs are also included for concrete which in the Work Plan (above) is identified as being for the proposed elevator
Updated: 9/3/2013
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