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Role of State or Tribal Byways Program Coordinator

Review and Submit Applications for National Scenic Byway Program Funds

  1. Establish the State or Tribal specific criteria and procedures for making eligibility decisions, prioritizing projects and submitting applications to the FHWA division office. Applications determined to be ineligible should not be forwarded to the FHWA division office.

  2. Use this Grant Information, especially the "Principles and Practices" for each of the eight categories of eligible project activities, and work with applicants to ensure that only eligible projects are submitted for consideration by the FHWA.

  3. Review and evaluate project proposals. As needed, seek assistance from the FHWA division office byway contact regarding eligibility of proposed projects, budget elements or the proposed match.

  4. Verify that applications include the required supporting documents mentioned in the "Complete Applications Include" subsection for each category of eligible activities before submitting applications to the FHWA division office.

  5. Return incomplete or ineligible applications to applicants for refinement and resubmission - if any additional effort can result in a complete application for an eligible project.

  6. Use the Online Grants Review System at to record specific information about each project and the priority order for all projects, including verification of an applicant's DUNS # and CCR status. For Indian tribes submitting directly to FHWA, provide documentation of tribal support and authorization, such as tribal resolution, and confirm ability to comply with Federal regulations and requirements.

  7. Coordinate with other States or Indian tribes on multi-state or multi-tribe byway projects to indicate the priority of the project in relation to other projects being advanced.

  8. Submit only complete applications to the FHWA division office. Deliver a printed, signed copy of the application with any attachments to the FHWA division office. FHWA considers all application submissions to be complete and that projects are determined to be eligible by the State or Indian tribe byway coordinator. Submissions determined to be ineligible should not be forwarded to the FHWA division office for review.

After Funding has been Awarded

  1. Advise and guide project sponsors through the development of the project agreement including environmental reviews.

  2. Develop project agreements.

  3. Notify FHWA division office when projects are ready to obligate. Work with the FHWA division office to obligate byway funds, and track each project through his or her agency.

  4. Monitor progress and use of byway funds. Ensure a quality product for the byway.

  5. Advance vouchers for reimbursement.

  6. Close out completed projects and submit report on projects status to FHWA headquarters.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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