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Colors and Typeface Used for the America's Byways[reg] Logo

The America's Byways logo should be printed in Pantone 540 for the logo graphic and Pantone 194 for the words. No other colors should be used.

A graphic showing rectangles containing the colors Pantone 540 (Blue for the graphic) and Pantone 194 (Red for the type).

In the case of four-color process reproduction, the correct approximation for CMYK color break-down is:

Blue - ZlOL-C C: 100 M: 55 Y: 0 K: 55 Red - 0XNI-C C: 0 M: 100 Y: 64 K: 34

In the case of an RGB presentation, the correct approximation for RGB color break-down is:

Blue - R: 0 G: 55 B: 104 Red - R: 171 G: 5 B: 52

In the case of a web presentation, the correct approximation for hexadecimal code is:

Blue: #003768 Red: #AB0534

The America's Byways typography system consists of a single typeface: Copperplate 33 BC. This typeface can be used to complement the America's Byways logo and type with your materials. You must purchase the font legally.

Copperplate 33 BC:

A graphic showing the Copperplate 33 BC typeface.

When using America's Byways in a text, web or email document be sure to use registered service mark, "®". If a trademark is acknowledged in the heading of an article, it is not necessary to also acknowledge it within the body of the document. The trademark symbol need only appear in the first or most prominent mention of the mark. (from International Trademark Association)

Never, under any circumstance, should you manually render the type of "America's Byways" next to the graphic. For your convenience, you may request version of the complete logo by e-mailing Gary Jensen.

Updated: 9/3/2013
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