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Specifications for Correct Usage of the America's Byways[reg] Logo

It is acceptable to reproduce the logo in one color (black only - or reversed out in white) when the project is being produced in one color, such as a newsletter, sticker or button. If black or white is not an option, please contact Gary Jensen at 202-366-2048 or

The proportion of the type and the mark must remain consistent to the logos provided by FHWA. The overall size may vary, but not the proportions.

The logo should not be reduced to the size that it becomes illegible. A good rule of thumb is to keep it at least 1/2 inch high. FHWA recognizes that a few applications may require a reduced size, such as identifying nationally designated roads with the logo on a State map. This application is an exception. However, the logo, in any application, must be clear and legible.

There should be enough space around the logo to equal 1/2 of the width of the logo on each side. For example, if the logo is 2" wide, there should be at least 1" of space on all sides next to any other art or text.

The America's Byways® logo may also:

Examples of correct logo usage:

Illustrations of correct usage of the America's Byways logo with color: 1 Correct usage of Pantone 540 and Pantone 194 2 Conversion to black 3 Reversed out in white 4 In front of contrasting background (in this instance, a light gray color)

Image elements will have to be "knocked out" from behind the star and line segments of the logo, if the logo is superimposed over a photograph or similar image. The type and graphic on "America's Byways®" can be reversed out if there is enough contrast for it to still be clear and legible.

FHWA has provided 6 designs for web and print use with various placements of the type to suit the needs of the users. To help reinforce awareness of the America's Byways brand, the position of the America's Byways type may not be changed from these 6 versions.

Below are examples of correct and incorrect usage of the logo. Correct examples are shown on the left; incorrect usage examples are shown on the right.

Thirteen examples of America's Byways logo use are shown. Six are examples of correct usage: 1 Tucked in color 2 Right aligned in color 3 Centered in color 4 Tucked in black 5 Right aligned in black 6 Centered in black. Seven incorrect examples are also shown on the right: 1 Text compressed 2 Graphic stretched 3 Incorrect colors 4 Tag missing 5 Background does not contrast well with logo 6 Text moved 7 Incorrect Trademark notice

Updated: 9/3/2013
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