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Key Points to Keep in Mind When Considering Nomination

Here are eleven points to think about when you're considering nomination of your byway as one of America's Byways®:

  1. Begin nomination discussions by communicating with your State or Indian tribe Byway Coordinator and FHWA Division representative.

  2. You must have a corridor management plan that addresses the 14 National Scenic Byway or 17 All-American Road planning elements as detailed in Section 9 of the National Scenic Byways Program Interim Policy.

  3. You must decide whether to pursue designation as a National Scenic Byway or an All-American Road, which intrinsic qualities best support your argument for designation, how your intrinsic qualities enhance the visitor's experience, and describe your efforts to maintain the integrity of your byway as one of America's Byways®.

  4. The local community and stakeholders are important to the process. There must be community involvement in the development of the corridor management plan, long-term sustainability, and community support for national designation.

  5. It's important to explain the integrity of the proposed designated route—from the standpoint of traveler safety, continuity and the significance of Intrinsic Quality(s).

  6. Information on highway safety and any correctable faults of the proposed designated byway must be developed and analyzed.

  7. The experience of the byway is broader than just the road. Distinctive features of the byway corridor—the points of interest, activities and events—should be included in context of a traveler's complete itinerary.

  8. High-quality digital photographs representing your byway and its intrinsic qualities in various seasons, as appropriate, should be obtained. (Please see our image style guide.)

  9. You will be asked to demonstrate that your byway is ready for travelers if the Secretary designates your byway. Signage, traveler amenities, directional maps and visitor information should be available.

  10. You should be able to provide confirmation of the regional and/or national significance of your byway.

  11. Designation as one of America's Byways is a commitment to long-term planning and sustainability efforts to maintain the integrity of your byway that will enhance the collection. Once designated, your byway will be marketed and promoted as part of this collection, and the photo images, maps and features information you provide with your nomination submission will be posted on the website for potential travelers to use in making their vacation destination decisions.

Please see the Interim Policy for additional guidance (National Scenic Byways Program Interim Policy document, dated May 18, 1995).

Updated: 12/15/2015
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