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STEP Bulletin 07/01/10

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) Office of Planning, Environment and Realty's (HEP) Surface Transportation Environment and Planning Cooperative Research Program (STEP) ended on September 30, 2012. For current HEP research information, please see HEP's research web site.


July 2010

FHWA's STEP Solicits Feedback for FY 2011

The STEP is a Federally administered research program authorized in the "Safe, Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity Act: A Legacy for Users" (SAFETEA-LU). The general objective of the STEP is to improve understanding of the complex relationship between surface transportation, planning, and the environment. The FHWA anticipates that the STEP (or a similar program to provide resources for national research on issues related to planning, environment and realty) will be included in future surface transportation legislation.

The FHWA's Office of Planning, Environment and Realty (HEP) uses STEP funding to conduct research and develop tools and technologies to advance both the state of the practice and art for national environment, planning and realty research initiatives. Stakeholder input is used to help identify and prioritize STEP research topics and to develop and implement the national research agenda.

The FHWA issued a Federal Register notice on July 2, 2010 soliciting suggested lines of research for the proposed FY2011 STEP. To provide your feedback, please visit the STEP Web site and review the draft FY 2011 STEP Implementation Strategy:

After reviewing the proposed strategy, please submit your feedback at: (link inactive 5/12). The deadline for submitting feedback is September 30, 2010.

Diagram. Click image for text version.

The diagram above illustrates how STEP's Proposed FY 2011 emphasis areas are grouped

How to Participate in FHWA's STEP

The information below provides tips for stakeholder participation in the proposed FY 2011 STEP.

  • Review Proposed FY 2011 STEP Implementation Strategy
    The proposed FY 2011 STEP Implementation Strategy outlines the likely research priorities for FY 2011. This strategy can help stakeholders understand how potential suggested lines of research might fit within the scope of the proposed FY2011 STEP Implementation Strategy that can be found at the following link:
  • Develop Suggested Lines Of Research
    After reviewing the proposed STEP Implementation Strategy, stakeholders should develop suggested lines of research that are related to the proposed FY 2011 STEP research priorities.
  • Submit Feedback
    Stakeholders should submit suggested lines of research using the following link: (Link no longer active 5/12). Stakeholders should note that these submissions are not considered formal research proposals.
  • Review Annual Step Plan
    After submitting feedback, stakeholders should review the annual STEP plan once it is approved by the HEP Associate Administrator and posted to the STEP Web site.
    After the STEP Plan has been approved, individual STEP emphasis area contacts will develop specific requests for proposals as appropriate for research projects that are included in the STEP plan. The STEP research funding opportunities will be posted at

Circular flow chart: Work with STEP Emphasis Area Contacts as described in the text.

The diagram above illustrates the process of how to participate in STEP.

Your input to the proposed FY 2011 STEP Implementation Strategy is requested by mm/dd/yyyy.

Please review the strategy and visit the STEP Feedback Web page: (link inactive 5/12).

Updated: 9/30/2012
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