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Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
HERS-ST: The New Mexico Experience

What's Next?

Figure 5: Picturesque I-25 just south of Santa Fe.
Figure 5 shows the curve of a divided four lane highway with Santa Fe and the mountains situated in the background.

New Mexico is looking to expand its use of HERS-ST in a variety of ways.

The planning office sees the DOT utilizing the program to establish impacts to user benefits at certain funding levels, a tool that will become increasingly valuable as dollars for transportation improvements become more limited.

Planning Director Bruce Bender envisions utilizing HERS-ST to analyze issues of particular importance to a rural State like New Mexico, i.e., the rising cost of fuel and how that might affect infrastructure priorities. He says that valuable information could be gleaned from a HERS-ST sensitivity analysis centering on the price of gasoline. Whatever the particulars, New Mexico is pressing toward a major use interface for a consolidated database.

Because FHWA's Office of Asset Management is continuously improving HERS-ST, NMDOT expects that HERS-ST has the potential to be a significant component of its future asset management strategies, particularly as the agency focuses on corridor analysis as part of its long range planning process. Bender says that NMDOT has seen a real return on its investment in HERS-ST and "is committed to integrating it even more."

Additional information is available from the following:

Roy Cornelius
Senior Planner
New Mexico DOT

Robert B. Mooney
Asset Management Specialist
FHWA, Office of Asset Management

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All photos are courtesy of the New Mexico Department of Transportation.

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