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Asset Management


Transportation Asset Management Case Studies
Data Integration: The Virginia Experience

How is VDOT Getting There?

VDOT completed the first two components of the Asset Management System-the Condition Assessment Module, and the Needs-Based Budget Request Module-in 2003. Based on the success of this initial effort, the agency is developing the Planning Module and will continue with the development of a new Work Order and Accomplishment Module. It is anticipated that VDOT will complete its integrated Asset Management System by the end of 2004.

Looking beyond this next milestone, VDOT will work to integrate the Asset Management System with the statewide geographic information system. Also, to date, the scope of VDOT's Asset Management System has been focused on maintenance and operations. It is anticipated that upon completion of the work in these areas, the system may be further enhanced to provide additional decision support for VDOT's equipment program.

VDOT has learned not to rely on a single-vendor solution, but to pursue open standards as much as possible. The agency is interested in implementing standards that may emerge from the National Spatial Data Infrastructure Framework Project with respect to the transportation data layer, and in coordinating with the I-95 Corridor Coalition regarding a regional multistate transportation network, at least for the interstate and State routes. VDOT is also embracing Web-based services, and view Internet map servers as an integral part of its enterprise architecture. In the future, VDOT anticipates that more services will be accessed remotely via the Internet; including data uploads from local handheld computers, as well as the ability to query data and applications in the field, perhaps via wireless communications. The rapid changes in technology require a flexible, open-systems approach. VDOT is conscious of the need to take small steps to take advantage of these improvements within the context of an enterprise data architecture.

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