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EDC-4 Deployment Phase

A Message from the Director.

EDC is a state-based model to identify and rapidly deploy proven, but underutilized innovations to shorten the project delivery process, enhance roadway safety, reduce congestion and improve environmental sustainability.  Innovation Champions from around the country were invited to come together this fall at seven Regional Summits to learn about deploying the fourth round of EDC innovations (EDC-4).

The objective of the Regional Summits was to facilitate dialogue, encourage creative thinking and celebrate a shared vision for new opportunities. These Summits are an integral component of the EDC model, bringing together transportation leaders and front-line professionals responsible for development and delivery of highway projects. The Summits provide transportation professionals the opportunity to learn about the 11 innovations promoted through EDC-4, exchange ideas with their agency and industry counterparts in neighboring States, and provide feedback to FHWA on the support and resources needed to adopt the innovations in their own States. Now the process begins for States, local public agencies and Federal Lands Highway Divisions to focus on the innovations that make the most sense for their unique program needs, establish performance goals and commit to finding opportunities to get those innovations into practice over the next two years.

The stage is now set for the deployment of 11 innovations through EDC-4 in a 2-year cycle for 2017 and 2018.

We appreciate your interest in the EDC-4 innovations! Please take a look at the innovation overview webinars that were conducted prior to the summits and the innovation breakout sessions at the Regional Summits.

EDC-4 Regional Summit Locations Held in Fall 2016

EDC-4 Regional Summit Locations Held in Fall 2016

Page last modified on January 25, 2017