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EDC News

December 8, 2022

EDC-7 Overview

For over 10 years the Federal Highway Administration’s Every Day Counts program has rapidly deployed proven technologies and processes. EDC round 7 (2023-2024) highlights innovations to improve safety for all users, build a sustainable infrastructure for the future and grow an inclusive workforce. Because the innovations to be promoted in EDC-7 can provide benefits that extend beyond the traditional surface transportation setting and reach into other transportation modes, FHWA is looking forward to working with our State transportation departments and industry organizations to help new audiences learn how the EDC-7 innovations may enhance other transportation programs and projects with other modes.


The nighttime crash fatality rate is three times the daytime rate. Enhancing visibility along corridors, intersections, and pedestrian crossings can help reduce fatalities. This initiative promotes traffic control devices and properly designed lighting to improve safety for all users.


Over six million crashes a year in the U.S. put responders and other vulnerable road users at risk. Next-Generation Traffic Incident Management programs promote emerging technologies such as emergency vehicle lighting and queue warning solutions. These and other tools can advance safety and operations to mitigate incident impacts.


Transportation is the largest emitter of greenhouse gases in the U.S. This initiative provides resources to help agencies quantify greenhouse gases and set goals to decrease motor vehicle, construction, and life-cycle emissions through planning and project development.


Cracking in concrete is a limiting factor in achieving long-term concrete performance. Internal curing mitigates shrinkage cracking and has the potential to substantially extend the service life of concrete bridge decks and enhance the performance of pavements and repairs.


Construction materials such as concrete and asphalt have environmental impacts during their life cycle. Environmental product declarations, or EPDs, document those impacts. This tool helps States support procurement decisions and quantify embodied carbon reductions using life cycle assessments for sustainable pavements.


Many design-build contracts do not adequately provide opportunities for disadvantaged businesses. New practices are available to support the effective integration of program requirements to help small, disadvantaged businesses compete for design-build contracts.


The demand for highway workers is growing, and emerging technologies require new skills. This innovation helps stakeholders improve their ability to identify, train, and place highway construction workers. The focus will expand to rural and Tribal communities to increase career opportunities.

Delaware DOT: e-Ticketing goes live with all hot-mix projects 2022!

After e-Ticketing officially went live for DelDOT in late Spring of 2022, field inspectors immediately asked for additional integrations of collected field data that directly populates DelDOT’s electronic systems. DelDOT is accommodating those requests by completing a connection between its e-Ticket and e-Construction platforms which will reduce user input required for payment to a handful of mouse clicks. Not only will this be quicker, but it will also improve accuracy by reducing the opportunity for human error in transferring values between paper to computer.

DelDOT sees e-Ticketing as an opportunity to improve staff safety, increase information access throughout the chain of command, and reduce their administrative and paperwork burden. In addition, DelDOT is considering the expansion of data associated with e-Ticketing to include location of materials placed, integrated live data stream from the pavers, and coordinated sharing of data with law enforcement for size and weight enforcement.

If you would like to learn about DelDOT’s accelerated deployment of e-Ticketing, please contact Craig Blowers, DelDOT Construction Resource Engineer. If you would like to learn more about or participate in FHWA efforts in deploying e-Ticketing please contact Kathryn Weisner, FHWA Construction and Contracts Administration Engineer.

2022 STIC Excellence Award Winner Spotlight

The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials and Federal Highway Administration sponsor the annual State Transportation Innovation Council (STIC) Excellence Awards to promote innovation nationwide. This year, three STICs—New Jersey, Ohio, and Idaho—received the award for demonstrating success in fostering a strong culture of innovation in their transportation communities. This week, we spotlight New Jersey, who was recognized for its proactive communication strategy and planning for organizational improvements to support institutionalizing innovations statewide.

The New Jersey STIC developed a Communications Plan to identify strategies to share exemplary innovation technologies and disseminate lessons learned with the broader transportation community. This has led to new member engagement and a steady increase in attendance at their quarterly STIC Meetings.

Additionally, the New Jersey DOT created a full-time Innovation Coordinator position to build upon the culture of innovation and strategically plan an enterprise-level innovation program. The New Jersey STIC created a new core innovation area related to Organizational Improvement and Support to implement Strategic Workforce Development, Virtual Public Involvement, and other innovations that do not fall into typical discipline areas.

To learn more about the STIC program, please contact Sara Lowry, STIC Program Coordinator.

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